The Costs of Getting Started with AI are Significantly Less Than You Think

by | Jul 21, 2020

Sometimes I’ll be talking to a service executive and they will absolutely love what AI can do for their team, but they will balk at what they think are the costs of getting started and a perceived long time to value.

It’s important to understand that AI out of the box is similar to what you get when you hire a new college graduate for your service team. Smart and highly educated, but not trained. You have to train this person extensively on your products before you can rely on them to support them in the field on their own. It’s the same with AI.

And most service executives don’t think to compare onboarding AI with onboarding a human. So let’s compare the two (your mileage may vary).

Onboarding a human technician. If you are an organization that supports highly technical equipment, a typical onboarding program for someone with little previous experience might look like this:

-Hands-on instruction in the classroom         2-6 weeks

-Sit in with call center                                         2-3 weeks

-Double up with an experienced FSE               12-16 weeks


During the double up period, they would typically not be doing repair calls, but mostly PM’s, installation, and in-service calls. Non-revenue producing calls.

After that, you may be able to rely on that new tech making service calls on their own and contributing revenue to your organization. But during the training period, they are not bringing any revenue in.

In addition to the time spent, you have the opportunity cost of revenue that is foregone during the training period. We interviewed one service executive who told us that one service tech could bring in anywhere from $300-$400K per year; with 6 months to train them, that is foregone revenue of $150-$200K/year. If you have to have their “double-up” partner travel, that is an additional expense as well. So all told, you could be looking at 6 months and a significant loss of revenue.

Now for onboarding RevTwo AI.  With RevTwo’s RightStart program, we can perform the initial solution authoring within one week. We also usually have 1-2 Q&A sessions with a service expert. These are important because they usually know things that are probably “not in the manual.” Making that “know-how” available to lesser skilled technicians through RevTwo is a key benefit.

If you’ve chosen your initial use cases right, then within 2-3 weeks, RevTwo will be able to support as much as 80% of the service use cases for the device you pick for RightStart.

When you compare the timing and the costs of how you’re onboarding service techs today and how to onboard RevTwo, it’s a few weeks for RevTwo compared to months involved in traditional on-boarding. Quicker time to value, less opportunity cost, and significantly less foregone revenue.

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