Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Navigator with any product?

Yes. Navigator provides a different diagnostic process and AI for each and every product. Navigator supports the most complex to the simplest products.

Can solutions only be authored and curated through Navigator?

In addition to app-based content creation, Navigator also comes with an Administrative Console that’s accessed via the web. As SME’s author solutions, these get put in a solution database that can be accessed through this console. Users can access the console and “curate” what’s already been entered (spell check, enhance, etc) and also add additional support artifacts such as pictures, videos, service bulletins, etc. Once curated, the enhanced solution is immediately available to all of your Navigator users.

Do I need data first?

Because Navigator can source information directly from the people who use it, most companies gather observations manually to start.

Can I use historical data, such as articles in our Knowledge Base?

Navigator uses data at the time of the support event, combined with human observations, to deliver a solution or guidance towards a solution. Support artifacts, such as KB articles, can be accessed and added to solutions.

Do I need a data scientist?

No. Navigator has built the data scientist into the system itself. Navigator is optimized to generate the models required to troubleshoot problems.

What if my products do not have a UI that can display a QR code?

Some of our customers create a static QR Code that contains information such as product serial numbers, warranty information, etc. This code is affixed to the machine and can be scanned by Navigator and which can be used to identify the product and start the diagnostic process. While this information is not dynamic it still speeds diagnosis and improves the user experience.

Can my customers use Navigator?

 Yes. Customers can be authorized to use Navigator for your products and are licensed on a “Green Button” pay for success approach for all pricing models. Each diagnosis can be tailored to present steps that are appropriate for a customer’s skill level while withholding other actions for more skilled hands.

How can I manage users? How can I make some users "Experts" and others not?

When a user is invited to join a Navigator account, they are given either a user or expert designation. Additionally, the Navigator administration console provides for full management of all user rights.

Can I start with human observations?

Yes. We consider it to be the best practice to start using Navigator with human observations.

How long does it take to train Navigator?

Navigator starts smart and only gets smarter. Through our use of AI hints and expert step ordering, Navigator provides useful guidance immediately. As the system learns, the AI will learn what things work best and what things don’t and personalize those recommendations to the exact problem you are diagnosing. The more people who use Navigator, the faster and better it will learn.

How does Navigator compare with Natural Language Processing?

NLP utilizes AI to understand text and words only. It is great for simple requests, such as “what are your store hours?”. It does not work well with complex issues. We use AI to diagnose problems and provide solutions. In addition, Navigator learns as it goes. NLP does not.

Can Navigator get data from disconnected devices?

Yes. Navigator has pioneered a “patent-pending” approach we call Visual IoT to gather information from disconnected devices. Simply walk up, scan a diagnostic QR, and get started solving the issue.

I have 23 different products, each with different configurations. How does Navigator differentiate between all of them?

Each product in Navigator gets it’s own AI. Therefore when you are diagnosing a problem for one product versus the next, you must first select the product. That selection can be done via a QR code or manually. Unlike a product, a version can typically be handled within a single product’s AI. Because Navigator works uses data, a product’s version becomes another part of the data set. A solution that is appropriate for one version may not be appropriate for the other, and the AI will use the version data to make that determination.

What does Visual IoT mean?

We provide a very lightweight program that you install onto your product. When the user has a problem, they press a button and the program will gather a snapshot of the product status and generate a QR code that will then be displayed on the UI of your machine. QR codes will be unique to each different error condition of the machine. Navigator scans the code submits the data to RevTwo AI and displays the diagnosis.

What is the best practice for getting started?

As a best practice, we advise providing Navigator to 3-5 of your best SME’s and have them author observations and solutions as they go about their daily service routines. Using the smartphone’s microphone eliminates the need to type on the phone. We have found that within a week or less, Navigator will have learned 25-30% of your most common service issues. And this know-how is instantly available to all of your support team.

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