Introducing RevTwo Navigator

Navigator combines user interactions with continuously learning AI to dramatically reduce support and service resolution time for complex issues. Navigator captures know-how from your best technicians and makes it available throughout the entire support-chain enabling faster and earlier resolution.

Navigator Works The Way Experts Do

Information is gathered and analyzed, the solution is identified, and expertise gained with success


Issues are diagnosed through user observations and data from the product itself or an IoT system such as those from Microsoft or Amazon.


The Navigator AI determines the best solution based on the problem’s context, past experience, and cost.


Navigator learns from your users are they solve real-world problems refining its approach over time based on the unique circumstances of each and every problem.


Navigator is a living and breathing system. As technicians solve problems new steps can be added, new diagnoses created, and new insights made.


When a problem moves from customer self-help or the contact center, to field service, all of the Navigator data including the data collected, steps performed, and outcomes is passed along.


What are the most common root causes? What are the most costly diagnostic steps? Which issues are most troublesome? Navigator provides unique insights into how your products are serviced and how your customers are supported.

Solves Issues Earlier

Learn and Apply Best Practices

Gain Insight

What Makes Technical Problems So Difficult to Solve?

Technical problems are at the same time complex and unique depending on both how a product is used and for what purpose. This personalization of each issue makes it harder to diagnose and increases the training and experience required.

Navigator vs. Traditional Solutions


We are committed to meet or exceed the data security requirements you would expect of your own team.

End-to-end encryption of all data in transit

Users must be authorized to diagnose problems

All data sources are signed to prevent spoofing

All stored data on servers is encrypted

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