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Are your Level 1 and Level 2 agents overwhelmed or unproductive at solving complex issues? Are they always calling engineering to help?

RevTwo Navigator provides all of your agents with the guidance to effectively diagnose and solve complex problems like an experienced pro.

Avoid expensive and time wasting escalations for problems that can be easily diagnosed and handled during the first customer contact.

According to McKinsey and Co, 80% of a B2B agent’s productive time is spent dealing with complex problems. Navigator diagnoses these issues at an expert level in seconds.

Key Benefits

Faster Ticket Resolution

Navigator helps agents quickly identify the root cause of an issue without wasting valuable time on useless questions or remote sessions.

Accurate Issue Diagnosis

Navigator uses patent-pending technology to combine product information such as readings, logs, and configurations with user observations to determine issue resolution.

Avoid Escalations

The guided diagnostic process with Navigator enables L1 or L2 personnel to solve many issues that previously required L3, a remote service desk, or field service to diagnose.

Reduce Training Time

It often takes months for new support staff to be confident in dealing with complex customer issues. Navigator provides an intelligent playbook that guides them through the diagnostic process and resolution.

Better Escalation Details

All of the diagnostic steps and information is recorded by Navigator. This information is available to the escalation expert that picks up the case saving time and customer frustration.

Integrates Into Existing Systems

Navigator easily integrates with your current CRM or FSM systems so agents stay within the context they are familiar with.

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