Turbocharge with Data Links

Product data is at the center of the Navigator universe. Each step performed adds to the data story and brings clarity to the Navigator AI as it converges on the right solution.

Human Observations

Is the part worn? What is the pressure reading of gauge #203? Is the feed tube clogged? Determining the state of a product is often determined by simple human observation. Navigator captures these observations, converts them into data, and uses them as part of the AI analysis.

Navigator captures: readings, counts, symptoms, yes/no answers, error codes

Visual IoT

Many machines have a wealth of data but for security reasons are not connected to the Internet. Navigator solves this problem through a RevTwo innovation called Visual IoT. Visual IoT uses dynamic QR codes to capture diagnostic data and make it available to the AI through the scanner built into the Navigator App. By collecting data automatically, the system is able to zero in on the right diagnosis faster.

Step 1

Use RevTwo Python component to generate QR code. Link to GitHub Repository – coming soon.

Step 2

Display QR within the user interface of your product when a problem occurs.

Step 3

Scan the QR with Navigator.

Step 4

Start troubleshooting.

Data From The Cloud 

In addition to data from Observations and QR codes, Navigator can enrich its data set from available cloud sources. What is the version of software, what options are installed, when was the last preventative maintenance performed. All valuable information to help the Navigator AI identify root cause.

IoT Systems

Business Systems

Other Sources

AppLess Data Transfer 

With AppLess data transfer customers can use their mobile phone to upload diagnostic data to the call center without having to download or install an app on their phone.

Step 1

Show 3D printer diagnostic QR code.

Step 2

Using their camera, the customer points it at the QR code, and select the prompted link to upload the data.

Step 3

Customer shares the data code with their call center contact.

Step 4

Call center now has access to the diagnostic data and can interact with RevTwo AI to diagnose the customer’s issue.

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