Like a doctor, Navigator diagnosis a problem through a systematic approach. Data is gathered, observations performed, symptoms cataloged, and conclusions are reached and tested.

The Navigator AI Difference

RevTwo uses a patent-pending AI approach to solving issues called Product Data Processing or PDP for short. PDP gathers product data about the actual problem and uses that data to determine the minimum cost / highest success path to identify the root cause and solution.

Operational AI

Navigator employs Operational AI, no data scientist required, that both conditions data and prepares models as new data is uncovered. Each product data scan or observation adds to the story powering the AI’s ability to recommend the next best action based on facts, not guesses.

Solves This Problem

Unlike search based technology, Navigator works on the exact issue facing it. Data is gathered and an optimal solution is recommended in the fastest possible time.

Step-By-Step Guidance

Complex products present symptoms that can result from 10’s, sometimes more, possible root causes. Only Navigator manages the process with easy to follow step-by-step guidance that optimally identifies the exact cause(s).

How Navigator AI Works

The Navigator AI is always choosing the best next step based on the context it has gathered to date

Data Signature

From initial data collection through each observation, Navigator builds up a unique digital signature that is used by the Navigator AI to identify the solution as each issue is diagnosed.


The performance of each step has a cost. Whether it be a direct cost, such as a part, or an indirect cost such as time to perform, Navigator uses this information to recommend the lowest cost approach that can yield positive results.

Not a Decision Tree

Navigator is not a decision tree. Instead of having hard-coded Y/N paths the Navigator AI can flexibly reorder the steps needed to diagnose a suggestion. Navigator makes its suggestions based on cost and likelihood of success.

How Navigator AI Is Trained

The Navigator AI is always choosing the best next step based on the context it has gathered to date

Expert Insight

When an expert diagnoses an issue, they do it in a certain way. Because Navigator can be field authored, that order provides a valuable reference point for the best way to solve a particular problem.

"Green Buttons"

Once Navigator has been used, it learns from actual experience. Each time a “Green Button” is pressed, the accumulated know-how of how to solve this particular issue, the data signature from the product, the steps performed, and the observations are captured in the systems AI.

AI Hints

Navigator uses hints and expert ordering to initialize its behavior. Hints provide facts/rules that the AI must follow, i.e. Don’t check the battery unless the car won’t start. A fact short circuits training and enables out-of-the-box expertise.

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