What does it mean to deliver Autonomous Support?

In 2012, an article in Wired magazine titled, “Let the Robot Drive: The Autonomous Car of the Future is Here” foreshadowed the coming self-driving car revolution. Now, only six years later, Autonomous cars have a foothold on our roads and each major auto manufacturer has incorporated safety features based on self-driving car technology. Some companies, like Tesla, (see Autopilot avoid a semi-truck) have made self-driving capability a key feature of their vehicles.

Why have we been able to take something as life-critical as driving and actually make a system that improves upon human performance in a mere 6 years?

The obvious answer is that advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) deserve the credit. Continue reading “What does it mean to deliver Autonomous Support?”

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AI Isn’t as Hard to Implement as People Think

AI isn’t hard.  It can help you today.

I am reading more and more about how Artificial Intelligence (AI for those of you who have not been online in awhile) is going to change the world.  And soon, like the end of next year, according to this article.

But in my opinion, when people think of things like AI, they think of things like chatbots, or in-app support.  Indeed, these tools can perform many useful functions that humans once had to do.  But chatbots can only help with simple issues.  If the issue is complex, then humans have to get involved.

Therein lies the challenge.  According to what I’ve read, support organizations spend 80% of their time solving these complex issues, which only represent about 20% of trouble tickets.  And according to a study by McKinsey, most companies don’t have the headcount or the skillset to deal with these complex issues.  So when they occur, they have to pull engineering resources in off of other projects to help.  And this is costly.

Service and support organizations are starting to recognize this, and they are starting to look into ways that AI can help.  In a previous post, I talked about how AI can seriously reduce problem triage and resolution time, and this is resonating with support organizations.


One thing I am finding, however, is that people think that AI is really HARD.  So, while they’re interested in having the conversation, they are putting any serious evaluations way out there on their roadmap, because they think it’s hard to do.

It’s not hard to do.  There are technologies out there today that can help.  And they can bring real value to your organization right now.  Some things to consider:

-Would you benefit from all of your techs/agents having real-time access to the same knowledge as your most experienced support person?

-What if your customers could use AI to solve some problems on their own and not have to even involve your support organization?

-If your Tier 1 agents could handle more complex issues, what would the impact be to your organization?

-What if you could improve first-time fix rates by 50%?


If these resonate, then you should probably move AI up in your roadmap.

Webinar: Using AI and IoT to Transform Support

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Autonomous Support for Startups

Startups are hard. Everything is moving at a mile a minute as you try to build references and customers. Unfortunately, in the mad rush to get the product out the door, support is often an afterthought.

For today’s smart products, we are increasingly finding that a smart product does not mean a smart user. Product returns plague the industry and are indicative of the difficulties consumers face during a technical setup or on boarding process.

Product returns are exacerbated by the negative reviews that are sure to follow. For startups, this can mean life or death for your brand.

For smart products, fast & accurate support is essential to customer success and to building initial brand traction and loyalty. Continue reading “Autonomous Support for Startups”

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