Field Service

Solving a problem for a complex product is a daunting undertaking that requires experienced technicians. What does your organization do when your 20-year expert retires?

RevTwo Navigator captures the practical know-how from these experts at a deep diagnostic level so their expertise stays within your company and available to your entire team.

RevTwo Navigator provides technicians with detailed product information and a step by step guide for diagnosis and repair. Navigator is available where you need it: a smartphone app, on the web, built into the UI of your product, or embedded in a CRM or FSM system.

Key Benefits

Improve First-Time Fix Rate

Using Navigator, all of your service technicians can accurately resolve problems on the first try, avoiding escalation and having to get other support resources involved.

Reduce Site Visit Time

Mobile app-based walk-up product triage eliminates time-consuming troubleshooting. Providing prescriptive solutions will speed repair time.

Better Performance Metrics

Do a lot of your service calls end up with no part replacement? How many calls result in “No Problem Found”? How many calls end up requiring a second call? Navigator will help your service team improve in these and other areas.

Better Use of Junior Resources

With the average technician age approaching 56, the ability to capture know-how before these resources leave your business is imperative. Navigator replicates this know-how with AI and makes it available to everyone.

Expert Knowledge Capture

Navigator learns from your experts, in the field,  as they do their job.  By capturing and publishing this know-how to the rest of the organization escalations are reduced and your experts are able to focus on the truly difficult problems. 

Works Where You Work

Navigator is compatible and easily integrates with your current Field Service Management systems, including leading systems from Microsoft, Salesforce, Click Software, and ServiceMax.

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