Is Your Call Center Turnover Rate High?

by | Sep 10, 2019

We talk to a lot of call center agents, and their job is stressful. Statistics bear this out, as Call Center attrition rates are among the highest of virtually all professions. Attrition rates are averaging anywhere from 30-45% annually, depending on what study you read.

RevTwo can help mitigate against high attrition rates in the call center. How? Some examples:

Problem #1: Agents spend an inordinate amount of time just trying to initially understand the customer’s problem. When a call comes in, how much time do your agents spend trying to figure out the status of the machine, what its software version is, when was the last PM, etc? In the meantime, the customer is down and frustration is building.

Solution: RevTwo gets data from the product and/or the operator, and can automatically assess this information in seconds and communicate it to the agent. This frees up the agent to spend more of their time on tasks that have an impact on the customer. Making customers happy motivates agents to do better.

Problem #2: Agents spend a lot of time researching issues. Even ones that they’ve seen before. Issues get needlessly escalated, and sometimes engineering even gets involved. The time spent doing this lengthens customer downtime, leading to frustration for them and the agent.

Solution: Trained RevTwo learns solutions to repeat problems and can advise machine operators directly how to fix these problems. Many times, operators can resolve issues without generating a ticket (RevTwo does keep track of all support incidents it addresses, so issues resolved by the customer are still part of the device history record). This improves the customer experience – and happier customers make the agent’s relationships with them better.

Problem #3: Many machines installed in the field are difficult to triage, even by experts. Reasons can be:

  • Lack of sensory or programmatically available data;
  • What data is available, such as log files, are difficult and time-consuming to interpret;
  • The machine is not connected to the Internet, so remote diagnostics is difficult;
  • Machine operators are not knowledgeable or experienced enough to accurately report the machine issue to the agent.

All of this complicates the agent’s job and makes it harder for them to help the customer.

Solution: RevTwo can utilize product data, OR it can get input from human visual and tactile observations. Our AI can also parse log files, eliminating the need to download them and send them around. Plus, the product doesn’t have to be connected to the Internet in order for the AI to resolve the issue. Having these capabilities makes the agent’s job easier and more impactful to their customer, leading to better job satisfaction.

There are many other benefits that RevTwo can offer your customers and your call center agents.

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