AI for Manufacturing or Processing Facilities

by | Aug 19, 2020

We work often with companies (OEM’s) who manufacture finished products and support them in the field. RevTwo AI can gather product data through articles, service bulletins, call logs, and other documentation as a part of its learning process and help technicians and customers fix problems faster.. It’s fairly straightforward, as the OEM generates and controls the data and has their own support organization that is strictly focused on keeping their own products up and running. We help the support organization get smarter through AI usage and subsequent problem resolution.

What about factory floor or process-oriented companies? They may (or may not) manufacture components of the line or process, but when there is a problem, the culprit is often a 3rd party product that they may not have the support documentation for. So, their choices are a) contact the OEM’s support line or b)use Google to find support documents or troubleshooting guides so they can fix the problem themselves. These aren’t great options. In the former, they have to rely on someone else’s support team.  In the latter, searching is time-consuming and inefficient.

RevTwo AI can address these challenges.

  • What if you didn’t have to rely on 3rd party support teams?
  • What if, instead of using Google, you could enter an observation into the AI and it would identify the problem?
  • What if this AI could then take you right to the exact page of a support document that has the instructions on how to fix it?
  • What if this AI had access to an entire library of support documentation needed to service all of the 3rd party products in your facility?
  • What if this AI also learned from other worldwide users of these products??

If a factory production line is down or output is degraded, resolution time is critical. In this situation, do you want to be dependent on 3rd party support?

If an oil refinery or a water treatment plant is down, the operators onsite may not be able to resolve the problem without outside help, and entire ecosystems (ie a city’s water supply, downstream gasoline production) may be impacted. Again, do you want to be reliant on other support organizations?

With RevTwo AI, these dependencies can be reduced or eliminated entirely.