How does RevTwo get machine data?

by | Aug 1, 2019

RevTwo breaks with the traditional support tool and knowledge base approach. Instead of utilizing search technology, i.e. how a customer describes an issue, RevTwo does a deeper, more meaningful analysis, using actual product data. This data is the diagnostic information that your technicians would look at if they were on site or accessing the site via a remote access session. This information includes things like:

  • Sensor readings
  • System settings
  • Log files
  • Product output images
  • Plus others

So how do we do it? The team behind RevTwo has been doing data acquisition for products for over 20 years and collectively have over 20 patents in the area. We have pioneered several innovative ways to incorporate data acquisition into RevTwo’s AI-based issue analysis. RevTwo breaks data acquisition into four categories each with its own benefits. They are:

  1. Walk-up
  2. In-product
  3. Cloud-based
  4. API based
Made simple for easy deployment

RevTwo has productized each of these data acquisition mechanisms into a package we call a “Product Extension”. The RevTwo Product Extension has answered the question

“How do you make a process simple for the user without having to re-engineer the product or spend large amounts of developer effort?”

RevTwo Product Extensions encapsulate everything needed to acquire data and manage the user process for initiating a support event. RevTwo has Product extensions for 1) Mobile apps, supporting Android, iOS, Xamarin, and Flutter, packaged appropriately as a brandable library for each platform. 2) PC based products, supporting Windows, Linux Desktop, or Mac OS, packaged as a stand-alone application. 3) Linux based products, supporting several popular embedded Linux based operating systems packaged as an application. RevTwo Product Extensions can work independently, or in conjunction with each other, depending on the particular data acquisition approach taken.

What is a Product

Before we get into the details of how we capture data from products, it is good to understand what we mean when we use the term. Simply put, a product is a: • Device • Machine • System • Process that your company sells or uses that has support or maintenance issues. It can be physical, purely software, or a hybrid of both. Almost anything that has intelligence or has recognizable failure/issues modes is a candidate for RevTwo enablement.