Turn your Employees and Customers into Superheroes

RevTwo’s AI platform puts your organization’s expertise in the hands of those who need it, where they need it, when they need it!

Most Service Organizations Think AI Is Hard. It’s Not.

RevTwo Helping Service and Support Organizations

Capture tribal knowledge

Your experts are retiring and with them a wealth of experience and know-how is walking out the door.

Triage and solve problems better

RevTwo asks the right questions, gathers data from your device, and walks you through an AI optimized step-by-step resolution process.

Provide training as it is needed

Setting a product up for the first time, RevTwo provides on-demand training complete with rich augmented instructions. Perfect for augmenting remote training.

Optimize field service scheduling

AI-based triage predicts required skills and parts, enabling optimized field service scheduling.

Leverage your IoT investment

RevTwo can collect data from your IoT system, further enhancing the speed and accuracy of problem resolution.

Gain product insights

Identify product design issues in order to optimize nextgen product development.

“If you can do a post on LinkedIn or Instagram, that is pretty much what you need to create instructions (in Navigator)…”

Sasha Ilyukhin

VP Services and Industry 4.0 Solutions, Tetra Pak

Learns From Your Information Sources

Tribal knowledge is the glue that holds organizations together. RevTwo collects all your sources of tribal knowledge, and turns it into a valuable resouce for your entire team to utilize.

From Your Systems

From Your Correspondence

From Your Experts 

From Your Products

AI Guided Assistance

Once data is organized and understood, RevTwo makes it accessable and usable. RevTwo turns troubleshooting into a step-by-step process.

Use Where You Need It

RevTwo plugs easily in to your existing infrastructure. Use our stand-alone web or mobile apps or leverage RevTwo inside your existing systems.

Partnerships with Industry Leaders



Partner Network Member and Co-Sell Ready

Integrated into the Dynamics 365 workspace, RevTwo enables your call center to start a diagnosis or collaborate with an existing one started by a customer.



Marketplace Member

Available as a ThingWorx widget, RevTwo enables plant maintenance personnel to troubleshoot issues directly from the plant floor.



AppExchange Member

Integrated into the Salesforce.com workspace, RevTwo enables your call center to start a diagnosis or collaborate with an existing one started by a customer.

Listen to experts from Tetra Pak and Microsft discuss self-service and COVID-19 

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RevTwo Right Start

Get started with no initial investment. Within 7 days you’ll have RevTwo trained on an initial set of use cases. Your first 30 days are free with no obligation. The Right Start process looks like this:

Give us your data (instruction manuals, troubleshooting guides, trouble tickets, etc..)

Identify 5 most common and valuable support use cases

Within 7 days you will have RevTwo available to resolve these use cases

Train your staff how to capture tribal knowledge from team experts

Request your Right Start today. Ready to use production implementation in as little as 14 days.