Ventilator Training Alliance and RevTwo

Help medical professionals setup and use ventilators they may not be familiar with.

Ventilator Challenges with COVID-19

To meet the demand for Ventilators, hospitals are using many different types and therapists are forced to setup vents they aren’t familiar with. In many cases, to get the unfamiliar vent set up, they have to consult a manual that can be hundreds of pages long right there in the ICU.

Step-by-Step Guidance simplifies setup

RevTwo AI gives therapists step-by-step guidance, providing rich multi-media instructions to set up the new vent. Furthermore, RevTwo AI helps the therapist troubleshoot and correct any mistakes made along the way.

Capture Best Practices

Company approved procedural changes are adopted by the AI instantly and made available to authorized users globally. RevTwo AI identifies which aspects of setup they struggle with and which ones they don’t providing a valuable resource for continuous improvement.

Enhances Regulatory Compliance

RevTwo keeps a record of what is done and can serve as a compliance tool, verifying that the set-up has been performed correctly. It can keep track of problems encountered and solved as part of the device history record.

RevTwo Aligns with the Vision of the VTA

RevTwo helps medical professionals where they need it and when they need it.

RevTwo further optimizes the value of the hospital’s investment in equipment.

RevTwo improves the speed and ease of access to ventilator training that will positively impact patients’ health.

Healthcare Heroes and Patients will benefit the most!

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RevTwo Offer for VTA

In light of COVID-19 and because we want to help our frontline superheroes, RevTwo is prepared to make the following offer:

For medical professionals, use of our Navigator app will be FREE through June 2021.

For Ventilator Manufacturers, RevTwo will author set-up procedures into Navigator for one ventilator per manufacturer for FREE.

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