Due to COVID-19 Medical Professionals are Working With Ventilators that they May Not be Properly Trained On

RevTwo will provide Navigator for ventilator setup procedures at no charge through 2020 for medical professionals.


Ventilators becoming increasingly complicated

Hospitals searching for any available ventilators

Clinicians facing multiple types of devices without the time to train on each

Retired clinicians, medical students being called on to help without time for proper training

Operator manuals for many ventilators being made freely available.

Manuals are lengthy, complex, and time-consuming.
Manuals are not optimal when the situation demands a quick solution.

But What If? 

  • You had a mobile app that could guide you through the setup of the ventilator you have to use, even if you weren’t trained on that device?
  • This app could also help you resolve issues if there was a problem?
  • When the manufacturer makes an update to a set-up or troubleshooting procedure, the app automatically incorporates it?

Watch RevTwo

Navigator Video

For Ventilator Manufacturers

How to train Navigator on your ventilator?

1. Pick a specific ventilator model.
2. Send us the set-up guide(s).
3. Within 7 days your Navigator App will be ready to begin guiding your
clinicians through setups.

For Medical Professionals

How to train Navigator on your ventilator?
Contact your Ventilator supplier and ask them to talk with us.


Is Navigator foolproof?

Only designated expert users can program or alter steps into Navigator. Regular users cannot make any changes or program “incorrect” steps. It’s up to the manufacturer, but medical professionals would typically be designated as regular users.

How much does it cost?

For medical professionals, it is free through 2020. For ventilator manufacturers, you can see our pricing page here.

Can I program Navigator myself?

Absolutely! Let us know and we’ll set up a one-hour online training session with your training or service experts.

How long does it take Navigator to learn?

Navigator’s AI is based on machine learning. The more it’s used, the smarter it gets. With multiple users, the learning curve can be just a day or two.

What if I have an Android phone?

Navigator runs on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

What if I don't want to use my phone?

We have a web version of Navigator available. Contact us at training@revtwo.com for more details.

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