AI-Powered Step-by-Step
Guidance for your Customers 

 When you can’t be there in person, your expertise can    

Free for 2020

Because we know Navigator can help deliver expertise to your customers in this difficult time, we are making Navigator FREE for customer self-service for the rest of 2020. Click here to learn more.

RevTwo Navigator captures expertise from your best and replays it in easy to follow, AI-powered, step-by-step guidance that optimally adapts based on your customer’s problem. Navigator redefines how self-service is deployed enabling customers to solve the problems they should and preparing your call center for the ones they shouldn’t.

    Easy to use Diagnostic App

    For iOS or Android, Navigator provides an easy step-by-step process for triaging and fixing a customer’s issues. Seamless escalation, remote information gathering, and assisted triage.

    Fast Setup

    Add your know-how in minutes using the app’s built-in authoring environment of our powerful backend.  Capture the know-how from your top technicians on your most important problems. Instantly make it available to your customers.

    Rich Media

    Navigator captures know-how as problems are solved. Modeled after popular social sites, Navigator lets you capture video, pictures, even dictate instructions to explain even the most complicated procedures. Can use your existing knowledge too!

    Works With the Rest of your Organization

    Navigator works with and inside popular CRMs and Field Service Management systems from Microsoft and Salesforce. As customers escalate issues, a complete record of all customer actions plus gathered data is provided. 

    Try Our Live Demo

    Download Navigator today, scan the sample diagnostic QR codes, and watch it in action. Navigator uses QRs to gather important diagnostic data, but can also work with human observations alone.

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