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Key Features

Easy to Use

Fast Setup

Changes as your Product Does

Step-By-Step Instructions

AI Learns as Used

Works with Diagnostic Data

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Navigator Demo

See Navigator in Action

Follow these simple instructions to see Navigator in operation for yourself!

Step 1: Download Navigator

Step 2: Authorize 3D Printer Device

Start up the app, skip past the setup questions, and Select the “Scan the QR Code” button. Once this is done you are now authorized to run the demo.

Step 3: Diagnose via Symptoms

From the Navigator home screen, select “Diagnose Device”. You will now be able to follow Navigator’s step-by-step instructions for triaging and fixing issues.

Step 4: Diagnose with Dynamic QR Codes 

Navigator uses dynamic QR codes to capture diagnostic data to accelerate troubleshooting. Click the “Scan the QR Code” button and walk through these scenarios shown below.

Printer Jam Detected

Under Extrusion

Plastic Stringing

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