Introducing RevTwo Navigator

RevTwo combines user interactions with continuously learning AI to dramatically reduce support and service resolution time for complex issues. Users are guided through a series of steps that gather observations and then recommend actions to efficiently diagnose and repair equipment. With each interaction, the system gets smarter and quickly becomes as fast and as accurate as your best agent or technician.

Guided Diagnostics

Users are asked questions and presented with guidance that will lead them to the correct diagnosis in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Even the newest employee can work like an expert with fewer errors and reduced cost of parts or travel.

Trained By Your Experts

Your experts know the best approaches to diagnose issues through years of experience. Now they can configure those steps using text, video, and audio. Procedures for new issues can be configured in minutes using a mobile app, while they go about their daily work routines.

No Historical Data or Data Scientist Required

Collecting and organizing data can be messy. Hiring data scientists to review the data will be expensive and time-consuming. RevTwo utilizes product data and observations at the time of the support event, allowing you to create just the data and knowledge you need as your technicians diagnose and fix equipment.

Uses Data from People, IoT, or Other Sources

User observations enable successful diagnostics without requiring changes to equipment or adding connectivity. Machine data collected by scanning QR codes with a smart phone, or gathered from IoT and other business systems, can help automate and further improve the diagnostic and repair process.

Gets Better With Use

Every successful diagnosis feeds into the AI to make future interactions more effective. The time taken for each step and the cost of parts are also captured and factored into the recommendations. You not only fix things faster, you do it at the lowest cost.

Usage Analytics For New Insights

As information about the number of times a problem has occurred, what steps were taken, the cost in time or parts is recorded, analytics provide insights to confirm your investment is being used and problems are being solved.

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