COVID-19 will be beaten with the cooperation of millions of hands doing their part. In that spirit, we have decided to make RevTwo Navigator FREE for customer self-service for the rest of 2020. Customer self-service reduces both downtime and truck rolls – a win-win in this resource constrained time. To take advantage of this offer, contact us or simply sign up for a Navigator account and get started. Learn more on how to prepare your organization for this new reality below – stay safe.
Dale Calder, CEO / Founder RevTwo


Travel Restrictions – Social Distancing – Quarantines

Companies that rely on face-to-face site visits to keep their customers functioning are facing unprecedented challenges. How do you get expertise and capabilities to the locations where they are needed without having to be there in person. 

RevTwo recommends a three-step approach to dealing with this new reality:

  1. Empower your customers through self-service
  2. Upskill your call center through prescriptive issue diagnoses
  3. Reduce field revisits through accurate/prepared diagnoses

“Empowering your customers to solve their own problems keeps a service tech out of the building.”
– VP Diagnostics Laboratory


Empowering your customers to do more is the single most important step you can take. Giving your customers the skills and know-how to deal with an issue when and where it happens saves time, reduces service calls, and lowers cost for all parties involved.

One Step at a Time

Navigator presents actions one-step at a time. A customer doesn’t need to parse a complex document with many branches in choices, they simply have to perform one task, answer one question the Navigator AI does the rest

For my Exact Configuration

Navigator asks questions, gathers data and only presents information that is relevant to this exact issue. If a particular version of a product requires special handlng – Navigator does it.

No Search Required

Searching a knowledge-base requires both expertise and experience. How do I describe my issue, which of the many choices do I select? Navigator replaces search with step-by-step diagnosis.

Limit Customer Actions

Not all problems should be solved by customers, some require specialized training to fix. Navigator lets your customers solve the problems they should and saves the rest for you.

Seamless Escalation

When the customer is unable to solve the issue, help is a push of the button away. Navigator can create a ticket in popular CRM systems such as and Dynamics 365.

Detailed record of actions

Each diagnosis that Navigator is engaged on creates a history and data collection that can be used throughout the support-chain during the escalation process.


Another key element in reducing truck rolls is increasing call center efficiency. Enabling call center employees to diagnose more problems earlier in the support-chain reduces customer downtime, lowers cost per call, and reduces truck rolls.

Prescriptive Step-by-Step Diagnosis

Navigator provides your call center employees the right questions to ask and the right solutions to apply based on the information gathered for the exact issue.

Pre-captured Diagnostic Data

Each step of the process gathers important context – what questions have been asked, what data collected, what steps performed and their outcome.

Detailed Fix Instructions

Once a diagnosis is complete, it can be embedded in to a field service work order, or passed back to the customer for execution.

Reduce Site Visits 

Finally, a key issue for field service is revisits. Revisits are costly for both the customer and organization and are the result of planning failures due to incomplete information. Adding visibility to this function is critical for reducing site visits. Key considerations:

Right Skills for the Job

Navigator determines skills required to fix a particular issue based on where the system is in the current diagnosis and all possible diagnostic paths that may be required.

Right Parts

Like skills, Navigator knows parts. Navigator is able to predict what parts may be required and to ensure that technicians show up with the right part for the problem.

Right Expertise

Navigator repackages your best technicians know-how and makes it available to everyone. Not only is a technician provided with step-by-step guidances, instructions are packaged in easy to consume formats such as videos and pictures.

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