AI – Why Does Everyone Think It’s Hard?

RevTwo participated in a field service conference last week to show off our latest version of RevTwo AI. We moderated a couple of sessions and also participated in the event’s technology showcase.

At one of the breakout sessions on AI, I asked the 40 or so people in the room this question: “On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being hardest, how many of you think implementing an AI program for service and support will be a 10?”

More than half of them raised their hands. Some of the reasons given were:

-“We’d need at least 1-2 years to organize our data…”

-“We have enough trouble just getting our devices connected. AI is important, but it’s way out there for us…”

-“Data Scientists are expensive…”

-“Our data is %$#@$%&…”

It seems to be the same old story.  Everyone is looking at AI as a multi-year exercise.  Organize your historical data.  Put it into a data lake.  Hire data scientist(s) to pore through it and identify patterns…

That is the hard way. And the old way. And it’ll probably cost you $2-3M in time and effort.

Our latest version of RevTwo AI uses data and observations to provide solutions and/or guidance towards a solution using data and observations collected at the time of the support event. You don’t need to go back and review reams of data. You don’t need a data lake. You don’t need a data scientist(s). You can start training the RevTwo AI to begin resolving issues TODAY. And it’s not a 10. If you want to learn more, please contact us.

Is Your Call Center Turnover Rate High?

We talk to a lot of call center agents, and their job is stressful. Statistics bear this out, as Call Center attrition rates are among the highest of virtually all professions. Attrition rates are averaging anywhere from 30-45% annually, depending on what study you read.

RevTwo AI can help mitigate against high attrition rates in the call center. How? Some examples:

Problem #1: Agents spend an inordinate amount of time just trying to initially understand the customer’s problem. When a call comes in, how much time do your agents spend trying to figure out the status of the machine, what its software version is, when was the last PM, etc? In the meantime, the customer is down and frustration is building.

Solution: RevTwo AI gets data from the product and/or the operator, and can automatically assess this information in seconds and communicate it to the agent. This frees up the agent to spend more of their time on tasks that have an impact on the customer. Making customers happy motivates agents to do better.

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