How is R2 AI different from other AI’s?

When we talk to customers, we are often asked how we are different from other AI solutions out there.

AI solutions have been around for a while. If you’ve ever gone to a website and needed support for a product that you purchased, when you select the chat feature, you’re talking to a chatbot, not a human. A chatbot employs AI that takes the text you’ve typed in and matches it to a knowledge base and then asks more questions until it gives you an answer. This use case is mostly used in B2C businesses.

If you’re visiting most any corporate or commercial website today, when you first get there a chatbot will pop up and ask if they can “help” you. Same concept.

For B2B, there are more complex solutions available, and these also utilize things like text, linguistics, and word matching. So if you’re trying to troubleshoot a device and you (or the call center agent) type in “the image on the machine is fuzzy” it looks for “image” and “fuzzy” and then comes back to you, usually with another question. This sequence continues until you finally get back a list of options to try in order to solve the problem.

The challenge with these solutions is that they typically are not as accurate and not as suited to complex issues. And you’ve inserted human speech into the process, which further contributes to the problem. While one human might say, “the image is fuzzy”, another human might see the same problem and say, “the image quality is poor”. This slight difference could lead to different solutions for the same problem. You could imagine the challenges when the description of the problem is much more complex.

Here’s where RevTwo is different. We don’t utilize text, words or linguistics. Instead, we obtain data directly from the device being triaged. We have software that can be configured to look at data sources such as configuration settings, log files, sensor readings, etc. That data, combined with menu driven input from a tech or customer standing in front of the machine, is then sent to our AI running in the cloud, and within seconds a root cause and a prescribed solution (not a list of options) that is presented to the user. You can configure the AI so that it only prescribes solutions that it is X% confident that the solution is correct. Over time and usage, the AI gets more confident and humans are no longer needed to triage and solve your most common complex problems.

If the AI is not confident in its solution or has not seen it before, then a trouble ticket is created and a human is notified.

AI is hot and is top of mind for all service and support organizations.  If you want to learn more about how RevTwo AI can help you and your customers, contact us!