Autonomous Support for Startups

Startups are hard. Everything is moving at a mile a minute as you try to build references and customers. Unfortunately, in the mad rush to get the product out the door, support is often an afterthought.

For today’s smart products, we are increasingly finding that a smart product does not mean a smart user. Product returns plague the industry and are indicative of the difficulties consumers face during a technical setup or on boarding process.

Product returns are exacerbated by the negative reviews that are sure to follow. For startups, this can mean life or death for your brand.

For smart products, fast & accurate support is essential to customer success and to building initial brand traction and loyalty.

But building a proper support team from the ground up is costly and startups are faced with hiring and then training new people.

What if instead of hiring, you could invest in an AI that could handle all support for you?

Today’s smart product startups are finding autonomous support to be a perfect fit.

By investing in AI, you can avoid the lengthy hiring and training process. If your brand takes off overnight, you won’t need to frantically hire to keep up with the demand because AI is built to handle to volume. It can easily scale with your business for a fraction of the cost of an agent.

Furthermore, AI never sleeps and it never goes home. It is ready to assist customers with their issues at any time of day, any day of the week. It will be the only one who puts in more hours than you do.

By investing in Autonomous Support, you gain the power of a large, multinational, support organization. You can deliver fast, accurate solutions in your customers’ language, all with zero wait times.

At the end of the day, Autonomous Support is changing the way today’s smart products are launched. It is the best line of defense against product returns and is the ultimate way to ensure customer success.