App Support

Extreme user volume, high customer satisfaction expectations, low staffing. Doesn’t sound like a good recipe for success - yet this is the challenge faced by app publishers each and every day.

The Autonomous Way

RevTwo Autonomous Support to the rescue. Answer up to 95% of support questions automatically, without human intervention. Using RevTwo’s patent-pending technology, we are able to virtually replicate your best support agent using AI and have it handling all your support calls 24x7. RevTwo Autonomous Support:


We collect data and build context about your customer and their connected product required to determine a solution before the ticket is submitted.


Armed with rich context, the RevTwo AI processes the question and analyses the data to find the correct solution.


Once a solution has been determined by the RevTwo AI, it’s automatically sent to the customer, applied to their product, or forwarded to the help desk.


RevTwo AI is constantly learning so it gets better and more efficient with each and every solution.

How It Works

The RevTwo Autonomous Support Center is the ideal environment for supporting modern App deployments.

RevTwo AI Speeds Issue Diagnosis

RevTwo uses Data-Driven AI to solve customer issues just like your best agent would. When a ticket is submitted to the RevTwo AI a series of steps are taken that lead to an immediate solution.

Augment Data

If sufficient data isn’t available with the ticket itself, RevTwo can use alternate means to collect important diagnostic data.

Condition Data

Prepare app data for AI analysis


User signals are translated into English, connecting words are eliminated and synonyms are added.


The best solution is determined using AI analysis of all available signals


Solutions are validated and augmented with additional data as necessary.


Customer, escalation center, field service or other - we determine the best path for each solution to take.

Escalation Center for New Issues

When an issue is encountered that the RevTwo AI doesn’t yet know about it’s routed to the Escalation Center. The Escalation provides all the components necessary for an agent to solve a customer issue.

Customer Communication

Our features include Chat, VoIP, and Screen Sharing for iOS or Android. RevTwo provides a comprehensive and secure customer interaction.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Built-in troubleshooting tools like logging, database, and file access improve agents ability to solve difficult problems in production or during test flight or beta testing.

Solution Authoring

Develop solutions in English and automatically translate it into 99 different languages. Target some solutions for customer self-help and others for AI analysis. RevTwo identifies needed solutions and has the ability to author and inject new solutions into the mix.

Easy to Add Product Extensions

The RevTwo iOS and Android product extensions make it easy to add Autonomous Support to your app. Use pre-packaged views for fast integration or APIs for complete customization.

In-App FAQ provide customers with convenient self-service from within your app.

Full Autonomous Support Integration enhances usability, reduces response time, & increases accuracy - all while maintaining a familiar workflow for your users.

In-App Communication including Chat, VoIP, and Screen Sharing

In-App Troubleshooting allows you to talk with your users, screen share, and view detailed information about the app including logging, files, SQLite databases, and device information.

Multi-Language support will automatically translate solutions into users default language.

Full brandable user interface makes it easy to customize the UI to match the look and feel of your app.

Add to Existing Workflow

RevTwo Autonomous Support seamlessly plugs into existing support workflows. RevTwo can be utilized in two different workflow styles:

On Demand

This offers issue analysis and provides recommended solutions to your agents.


RevTwo provides high-confidence solutions to customers. This reduces ticket flow and agent workload.

RevTwo integrates with popular CRM systems, field service solutions such as ServiceMax, and popular IoT solutions.

Works with Existing IoT Platform

RevTwo can build context data for support issues directly from the product itself or from a cloud source such as an IoT platform. ThingWorx, Azure, Amazon IoT, WIndRiver HDC, or other, RevTwo can utilize data from the digital twin to power AI analysis.


RevTwo Autonomous Support is built to protect you and your customers from the latest threats while providing compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). RevTwo utilizes:

Anonymized data

GDPR requires that collected data not contain personally identifiable information such as patient information without specific authorization.

Permission-based access

RevTwo takes a two-step approach to remote access. 1) A support ticket must be open, indicating an active issue, and 2) the customer must authorize access at the time it is requested.

Customer-side auditing

All remote activity is audited and stored at the customer location.


All communication is encrypted and utilizes private certificates.

Saves Time and Money

The RevTwo Autonomous Support Center changes the game in support. A fully trained and operational Autonomous Support Center dramatically reduces tier 1 and 2 support center costs. RevTwo:

Reduces ticket flow

Speeds diagnostic time

Improves customer satisfaction

Lowers Mean-time-to-repair

Get Started

RevTwo Autonomous Support can start delivering value in a little as 4 weeks. Each ticket RevTwo sees and each new solution added only increases the system’s value. Contact us to see how RevTwo can improve your support operations.