RevTwo for
Self Service

Regardless of how your customers interact with your product, RevTwo can deliver a flexible family of self-help experiences that seamlessly integrate with your product. This means you can enhance the customer experience by spreading your organizational know-how, decreasing the response time, and ensuring consistency.

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RevTwo can directly integrate into your product so your customers can easily get support without human intervention. RevTwo offers in-product, near-product, and over the web communication.

Key Benefits

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Getting a fast, accurate solution to your issue when you need it with no barriers or delays can relieve frustration and create a positive customer experience.

Zero Wait Time

RevTwo support involves zero hold-time so your customers can get the support they need when they need it.

Reduce Ticket Flow

Each issue that can be handled effectively from your customers is one less ticket that makes it into the contact center. R2 AI provides the one-right-answer enabling customers to solve their problems with confidence.

Available 24x7

When your contact center isn’t operational, self-service is. With the expertise captured from your global organization and made available to your customers 24x7, your organization truly never sleeps.

Fast and Accurate Resolutions

Customers aren’t product experts and shouldn’t be expected to perform like a trained technician. R2 AI understands this and provides the one-right-solution that solves the customer exact issue.


RevTwo can leverage your existing knowledge-base and escalate to your contact center when necessary. Supported ticketing systems, include but aren't limited to, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce Service Cloud, and others.

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RevTwo can start delivering value in as little as four weeks.
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