RevTwo for
Plant Maintenance

When 95% equipment availability is considered good, there is a lot of room for improvement. For most downtime events, over 90% of the time is spent triaging the issue. RevTwo can reduce this figure by over 50%. RevTwo embodies the know-how of each of your domain experts into AI, making it available at the touch of a diagnose button.

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The RevTwo mobile app enables your maintenance personnel to walk up to a machine, scan it, and get an accurate diagnosis in 5 seconds or less. RevTwo is available 24x7 and takes the guesswork out of root cause analysis.

Key Benefits

Reduce plant downtime

Unplanned downtime can run from 3-8% in most factories. The majority of this downtime is spent identifying the root cause. R2 AI triages issues in seconds - reducing global downtime by over 50%.

As accurate as your best technician

R2 AI is constantly learning and improving. Once deployed, it is the equivalent of having your best technician’s expertise available to every agent at all times.

Reduce labor costs

Identifying the precise repair task needed to correct deficiencies, as well as the parts, tools, and support needed to correct the problem dramatically increases effective "wrench time”.


With the average technician age approaching 56, the ability to capture know-how before these resources leave your business is imperative. RevTwo replicates this know-how with AI and makes it available to everyone.

Reduce equipment costs

When things go wrong - technicians replace things. R2 AI accurately pinpoints the problem and focuses repair operations on the exact part of the system that is broken.

No data-scientist required

No need to hire, re-hire and train an expensive data-science team. Everything is handled by our solution.

The institutional knowledge of much of the Connected Industry is locked in the heads of an aging workforce. RevTwo helps to both unlock and unleash this knowledge for the benefit of the entire service team to drive productivity gains and minimize downtime.”

- Ken Forster , Momenta Partners

Managing Director

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