RevTwo for
Contact Center

Are your Level 1 and Level 2 agents overwhelmed or unproductive at solving complex issues? Are they always calling engineering to help? RevTwo equips all of your agents to effectively diagnose and solve complex problems at the press of a button.

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According to McKinsey and Co, 80% of a B2B agent’s productive time is spent dealing with complex problems. RevTwo diagnoses these issues at an expert level in seconds.

Key Benefits

Faster ticket resolution

R2 AI identifies the root cause of an issue in seconds without wasting valuable time on useless questions or remote sessions.

Accurate Issue Diagnosis

The R2 AI uses patent-pending technology to gather product information such as readings, logs, and configurations to determine issue resolution.

Prevent Escalations

Accurate live-data based AI issue diagnosis enables L1 or L2 personnel to solve many issues that previously required L3, a remote service desk, or field service to diagnose.

Reduce Ticket Flow

Resolving a customer’s issues accurately the first time eliminates repeat interactions which reduces the contact center's load and increases customer satisfaction.

Remote Troubleshooting Tools

New issues arise all the time. R2 AI provides remote tools such as screen sharing, remote terminal, and even VoIP communications to enable L3 agents to assist. They can then use the R2 Training Center to update the AI.


RevTwo is compatible with and easily integrates into your current ticketing systems, including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce Service Cloud, and others.

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RevTwo can start delivering value in as little as four weeks.
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