Managing Your Team

Modifying your user settings

To modify your user settings, click your name in the top right corner of the Support Portal pages. Make your changes in the displayed form and select Update Settings.


Admins vs Non-Admins

RevTwo supports two types of users:

  • RevTwo Administrator:  An administrator has access to the Account, Models, and Team tabs and can add new applications to be supported, add and administer users, and change account settings.
  • RevTwo User:  A RevTwo user has access to the Tickets and Connected Apps pages. RevTwo users typically are involved with the day to day support of your RevTwo supported applications.

To add a new users select the Add User link in the upper left hand area of the screen. You will be prompted to enter their name, email address, and user privileges. Selecting Add User will send an invite via email to the user where they will be able to complete the registration process for their account.

Note:  RevTwo requires verified email accounts for all users

Administrators are able to search for users, edit their settings, and even manage their passwords by selecting the user name.

Adding People to your Team

Invite your team to add more support users on the support portal.  To add more users, log into and go to the team tab.  Hit the “Add User” button, type in their information, and hit “Add User.”


Invited users will receive an email that will take them back to create a password and join your team.

User Settings

Users can edit their settings by clicking on their name in the top right.