Tickets page

The Tickets page provides a list of “tickets” (i.e., open support requests) from your customers in the field. Each ticket has an associated description, create date, and assigned support contact. (You can use the Assigned To links to contact the individual, for example by email or phone.)

By default, tickets are sorted by ticket number. You can also sort by:

  • Status: of the ticket, either Open (still in process), Closed (completed), or “All Ticket Status”
  • Model: selected Model name associated with devices running the app, or “All Models”
  • Assignee: any person in your team, or by “Unassigned”

You can also filter by Development status. RevTwo separates tickets created during Development and beta testing from those created in Production (so your helpdesk can concentrate on customers while developers can help the beta testers).

Clicking the View button opens the Ticket Details View. Clicking the Call button initiates a support session with that user.

Ticket Details page

The Ticket Details page provides access to the support tools to interact with your application. The Ticket Details page is divided into two sections:

  • Ticket Information Pane: shows information associated with this ticket and provides you with several actions. If a ticketing system such as ServiceNow is integrated with RevTwo, this area will highlight the ServiceNow ticket details.
  • Tools Pane: provides access to all RevTwo support tools enabled for the application.