1. Download revtwolib_xamarin_android.zip

  2. Extract and copy all DLLs from revtwolib_xamarin_android.zip into your project.

  3. Reference all copied DLLs in your project.

  4. Add the following code to onCreate method in your application or first activity class (the actual initialize parameters come from the App Model you created in the support portal):

    RevTwoXamarin.RevTwo.Initialize(“ADD YOUR KEY HERE”, “ADD YOUR PRIVATE KEY HERE”, ModeEnum.R2MODE_DEVELOPMENT, true, this, () => { /*success*/}, (ex) => {/*error*/});
    • Setting 4th parameter to true will enable calling in community mode.
    • Setting it to false will hide the call icon in community view and disabled calling.
    • Note that success and error anonymous functions are optional.


  5. Add the following call to every onCreate method for which you want to enable the Screen Share:


    When the RevTwo library is doing screen share during a support call session, it needs access to the current view, so when a new activity is created, you need to register it with the library. If there is an activity that you don’t want to be shared, you can choose not to call this function.