The appearance of RevTwo app views is entirely customizable.  This makes it easy to match the look and feel of your app.

Using the Customizer

In your application’s AppDelegate in the didFinishLaunchingWithOptions function, add the following line of code after the R2Initialize call.

Revtwo *customizer = [[Revtwo alloc] init];

Customize the Incoming Call Screen

When a support tech calls one of your app’s users, the incoming call screen is presented to them.  This screen allows the user to either accept or decline the support call.

We make it easy to match your app’s appearance with the following calls:

Custom Text & Color

To change the text or the color of the text, use:

- (void)R2customize_incomingCall_text:(NSString *)text;
- (void)R2customize_incomingCall_textColor:(UIColor *)color;

Here is an example using all the customization options:

Revtwo *customizer = [[Revtwo alloc] init];
[customizer R2customize_incomingCall_text:@"Incoming call from RevTwo Support"];
[customizer R2customize_incomingCall_textColor:[UIColor blackColor]];

Setting the Signed in User

You can also use the customizer to set a ‘signed in user’ who’s name, email, and phone number can be used to auto populate the ticket form or respond to community tickets.  These fields are not required and any can be left null.

- (void)R2set_signedInUser:(NSString *)name email:(NSString *)email phone:(NSString *)phone;

Issue Resolved Popup

After a support session, your user is prompted with a popup that asks if their issue has been resolved.  The title and body of this popup is fully customizable using:

- (void)R2customize_resolvedPopupTitle_text:(NSString *)text;
- (void)R2customize_resolvedPopupMessage_text:(NSString *)text;