Calling an App

Beginning on the Tickets page, when you want to escalate to a live support session, you click on the Call button. When you do this, RevTwo will begin the session, which notifies the user of the app on their mobile device:


While waiting for the user, RevTwo has a waiting screen in the web portal. If the user declines the call, that will be shown. Otherwise the session page appears with live data and voice. At this point you can start talking to the user and often want to start screen sharing to answer their questions.

Note: the first time you start a support session, your browser will ask for permission to use the microphone. After that, the browser usually doesn’t ask again until you close the browser.

On the upper left is a mute button and icon to hang up. Use the mute any time you don’t want the user to hear your microphone, it doesn’t affect the session. The phone icon to hang up will end the session. You can make another call using the call icon from this page when there is no current session.

When a session is running, you are connected to the mobile app and the data is all live. The other views for System information, logging, files and database reach out to the app and return the state of that app in real time.

Below is a ticket section where you can change the status of this ticket or assign the ticket to a user. Closing a ticket can be done from the web portal, but typically the app user should close their own tickets. You can assign a ticket to any other users on your team.