Screen Share Android Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to use the screen sharing features offered by RevTwo In-App Support.

  1. Open your RevTwoSample app in Android Studio and run it on your device or simulator.  When the app opens, you will see a list of tutorials.
  2. While the app is running, log into and go to the Developer tab.  You will see your app in the list.  Click the Call button to connect to your app.
  3. After it connects, you will see some information about your device, and a list of widgets along the side.  Click Open Screen Share widget and it will open a panel on the right side of the app.
  4. Click around in the RevTwoSample app and watch the screen share update in real time.
  5. Hit the full screen icon in the upper right corner of the screen share panel.  This will maximize the screen share view.
  6. The following code needs to be added to every onCreate method for which you want to enable the Screen Share: