File Browser Android Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to use the different file browsing features offered by RevTwo In-App Support.

  1. Open your RevTwoSample app in Android Studio and run it on your device or simulator.  When the app opens, you will see a list of tutorials.  Select the “File Browsing” tutorial.  This will open a screen that looks like this:
  2. When the app starts up, the RevTwoSample app copies these files into your app’s documents directory.  This is so you have some sample files to work with for this tutorial.
  3. While the app is running, log into and go to the Developer tab.  You will see your device in the list.  Click the Call button to connect to your app.
  4. After it connects, you will see some information about your device, and a list of widgets along the side.  Click on the File Browser widget and you will see the app’s documents folder on the left hand side.  Clicking on the documents directory will open it, and you will see the same files listed.
  5. Hit the download icon to download these files to your computer.
  6. Drag a different file into the uploader to send it to the phone.
  7. On the app, hit the refresh button.  You will see the file list update to include the new file you just added.
  8. No additional code is required to use the file browsing features.  If you look in, it is just reading the files in the documents directory to display them in a activity_file_browsing view.