Snap Quickstart

Snaps are an exciting new technology to package and distribute Linux applications. Snaps are containers that keep their applications in safe sandboxes. That’s great for many purposes, but in this case we want to install an agent that has access to the computer. For that, we install a snap in devmode, which removes the guardrails. The snap store doesn’t allow devmode snaps in the regular (stable) channel, so we must also specify the beta channel.

Follow these steps to experience remote support sessions to a linux computer through Snaps.

Ensure that linux has Snaps installed.

This will install a Snap based agent with full privileges (devmode). Read about best practices in containers to learn more about how an agent can be limited.

$ snap install rev2agent --devmode --beta

When you run the agent, it will look for configuration files in the current directory. Create a directory such as /home/ubuntu/r2agent. Log into the revtwo account and go to Models and choose the model you want to use (RevTwo Sample will do, or create a new one). On the model page, click the link to download the file. Transfer this file to the directory you created. This contains the configuration of the model.

To create the identity of this instance, run

$ rev2agent.generate-user-config

This creates a userconfig.json file with a UUID and a name to identify this agent/computer. You can edit it to change the name to be more descriptive than the default, which is based on the IP address.

$ rev2agent

This runs the agent. If you log in to RevTwo account and go to Devices, you should see an entry with the name displayed by the agent. On the right side, click on the telephone icon to start a session to the agent.

Use snap to remove an agent

$ snap remove rev2agent