RevTwo provides your organization with the tools you need to provide an in-depth and personalized support experience for your customers. The RevTwo Support platform enables you to:

  1. Chat with your customers
  2. See what your customers see with screen sharing
  3. Talk with your customers while they use your application
  4. View the inner workings of your application while your customer uses it – view logs and embedded database changes, browse and upload/download files, and of course, view the application screen

When your customers matter, RevTwo is the one tool you need to build a better support experience!

How it Works

Many apps, including those on mobile, run in a sandbox for security and simplicity. While this is good for the user, the sandbox makes it difficult to support your product.

RevTwo enables support tools to connect to your app and see what’s happening inside the app sandbox. To do this, code needs to be embedded within the app.  RevTwo is a library that can be added to a mobile app with immediate benefits.

By instrumenting your app with logging and data collection, you gain much more visibility into the app’s operation.  And adding a UI workflow allows users to request help that triggers a ticket to support.