Android at Samsung SDC

We’re in San Francisco for Samsung’s Developer Conference which coincides with the announcement of RevTwo support of Android. Samsung draws around 5000 developers so this conference is pretty big! Android has the largest market share and with it RevTwo now supports the major platforms that cover 97% of the market.

A lot of developers target Android, with over 1.5M apps, and many need to be cross platform to cover the most users. These are often the most valuable apps that can afford to be on multiple platforms. We believe the most valuable apps have the greatest need for personalized customer support.

Samsung has an important offering with Knox which allows management of policies on phones and tablets, as well as access to some capabilities that are normally not available to an app. It’s all secure and only available to apps with proper credentials, etc. This allows MDM suites to manage a fleet of phones for example, but also makes it possible to create fixed purpose devices such as tablets used by the public in retail, or hotel rooms that have restricted access to apps and settings.

In a book The Invisible Computer the author, Donald Norman, predicted that computers would eventually become “invisible” because they are just part of things we use. Mobile phones are for people, but tablets are self-contained computers with an interactive UI that anyone can use. They are becoming the way you pay in retail, and how you interact with equipment. The form factor makes them finally usable in so many applications. Phones will someday reach saturation and the business will be replacement business. But tablets have the potential to grow into the interactive signs, displays, and controllers of lots of things around us.

And we believe there will always be a need to answer questions and help users with the operation of these invisible computers. That’s our mission.