INFOGRAPHIC – Top 5 Reasons You Need In-App Support

Apps today have crossed into a place where they are not just for entertainment. We open our house, buy furniture, sell stocks, do our banking, check in on our children and pets, adjust our sprinklers, order pizza, interact with our doctors, and even do our work – all with apps. Apps are a mission critical component of our lives and their support mechanisms need to respect that mission criticality.

Along with the anecdotal evidence, the actual facts paint an even more daunting picture.   Mobile commerce is the fastest growing type of commerce, expanding at 3 times the rate of traditional e-commerce.   Yet, 83% of those transactions require live customer interactions when making a mobile purchase and over 16% will buy from a competitor if they encounter a hiccup at all.

The case is compelling, the need profound, yet still the vast majority of apps today are released without a strategy for support. In the past six months, we have seen case after case where app support is able to significantly improve both the business operations of the publisher and the experience of the actual user.

Still not convinced – check out our infographic for even more mind-blowing detail.

Top 5 Reasons You Need In-App Support