Live From SDC

Exciting things are happening in San Francisco this week!  The 2016 Samsung Developer Conference has taken over Moscone West and the RevTwo team and I have been lucky enough to get a first-hand look at several exciting new technologies coming out from Samsung.

Day 0 gave us a chance to get our hands dirty with the Knox API – Samsung’s mobility management platform that gives you the power of full security control over your enterprise devices.  I also had my first experience with virtual reality in their filming for VR workshop.  I eagerly snapped on the Gear VR headset and was instantly transported to Tahiti and immersed in the clear water, overhanging bungalows, and tropical aesthetic.

Needless to say, exposure to such exciting tech had us pumped for Day 1, which opened with an inspiring Keynote that had everyone excited about new areas in VR.  Samsung is aiming for a star trek holodeck immersive experience.


Lots of innovative things on the IoT front and Smart Things platform.  Connected cars are a reality and Samsung wants to make it easier to build apps for your car.  Samsung now offers a small device that can be plugged into your car and provide you with diagnostics about your vehicle and statistics on your driving that can be used by insurance companies for reduced rates & safe driving bonuses.

We also had a chance to attend the Innovation Track, which was a great opportunity to hear from industry leaders about what they are building with Samsung technology and where they see it heading.

Highlights from Day 2 – coming soon!