Yes, Support Matters!

Over my career, I have seen the impact that well supported products have on their users and the companies that sell them.   Great support creates evangelists, turns newbies into power users, and prevents Twitter-storm disasters!

The harsh reality is that products will have problems, users will get frustrated, and products that don’t have a well-thought out and executed support strategy will fail – sometimes spectacularly.

The last startup I founded, Axeda, created the word’s first IoT (Internet of Things) platform.   At Axeda we connected some of the world’s biggest and baddest machines to the companies that made them.  These companies had a hodgepodge of tools to support their products, and it always seemed like we should “do more” to make this experience better.

We founded RevTwo to “do more”.   The mission of RevTwo is to deliver the next generation of support platforms for next generation products.    Apps, Dockers, and IoT, whose underlying technology is built upon sandboxed operating environments or highly embedded operating systems, have rendered an entire industry of PC based support tools useless.

There are over 3,000,000 Apps on the Google Play and Apple App Stores, over 300,000 dockerized apps in Docker Hub, and over 300 IoT platforms connecting billions of products to thousands of companies.   We want to make supporting those products


As part of this mission, we want to encourage you to communicate with us on any topic of interest regarding support.    To that end, we are have launched a company Slack channel #RevTwoDeveloper.   The #RevTwoDeveloper Slack channel will be the place for discussions about:

  • the RevTwo software stack
  • upcoming features
  • support questions
  • use cases
  • best practices
  • and more

The initial launch of the RevTwo In-App Support Platform for iOS has been a huge success.   We are overwhelmed by the interest and the prospective customers who view support for their Apps as a strategic differentiator.  We have heard your requests and are busy expanding our platform to meet even more use cases and will write a post on that shortly.

Stay tuned and join the conversation!