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Autonomous Support Platform

Resolving Customer Issues Without People


What is Autonomous Support?

For over 50 years customer issues have been solved with PEOPLE. During that time, constant pressure to lower costs has forced companies to often sacrifice quality and move support into ever cheaper regions. RevTwo addresses this pressure with a new automated approach that is:


Identify problems and fix them - all without human intervention. RevTwo AI never sleeps and it is on the task 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Data-Driven AI determines the answers to customer issues in seconds not hours without the annoying typical back-and-forth of competing approaches.


RevTwo Data-Driven AI uses data to solve at accuracy rates that equal, and that often times exceed even your best agents.

Money Wasted
Supporting Customers the Old Way!

since January 1, 2017

The Old Way

Inefficient Process |


| 20 hours

The RevTwo Way

Fully Autonomous |


| 5 sec

How it Works

Autonomous Support in 3 Simple Steps



Agents can’t solve customer issues from questions alone - why expect that from an AI. RevTwo collects information from the product itself, just as your Agent would, before submitting it to the AI.



Armed with rich context, the RevTwo AI conditions the collected data. Questions are translated, stripped of connecting words, and decorated with additional synonyms, data is processed. Finally, a full AI analysis is performed to find the ONE accurate solution!

5 Sec



Of course, a solution is only useful once it is applied. RevTwo addresses this too! The solution is analyzed and a determination is made as to the best way to fix this issue.

Self Repair

If appropriate, a solution will be returned to the customer in a chat response, all in under 5 seconds!

Help Desk

RevTwo has a built-in Escalation Center for issues that require the human touch.

Field Service

Sometimes a truck roll is required. RevTwo can create work orders in your favorite Field Service Platform, like ServiceMax.

Reduce Your Costs by 70-90%

Calculate Your Savings With RevTwo!

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Savings with RevTwo

Total Savings with RevTwo


Open Ticket Time Saved with RevTwo

299980 hours

Easy to Deploy

Start Today, Save Tomorrow

Easy to Integrate

RevTwo can be deployed inline with your existing contact center or as an add-on that speeds agent diagnostics.

No Data Scientist Required

The RevTwo AI learns which data signals correlate to a particular solution on its own without expensive data scientists.

Developer Friendly

Customizable product extensions enable you to integrate RevTwo into products and apps of all shapes and sizes.