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Customers are the lifeblood of any app, but with user populations sometimes reaching into the millions, supporting them in a good way can be extremely challenging. Ranging from low touch automated response bots all the way up to interactive in-app voice solutions with screen sharing, we built RevTwo to solve this challenge.

When your customers matter – think RevTwo.

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Your Customers Need You

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In-App Support

In-App support is often a numbers game. With so many tickets hitting the help desk it is very easy to lose sight of what really matters. RevTwo has rethought support to optimize the way customer questions are handled throughout the entire process.

in-app support question


Require fast, accurate, and cost effective answers.

automated response bots

Automated Response Bots

Machine learning bots handle common questions and get better and better all the time.

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multi chat

Multi Chat

Multi chat enables agents to handle many customers simultaneously, saving time and ensuring no one falls through the cracks.

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in-app audio and screen share sessions

Interactive Sessions

In-App VoIP calls combined with screen sharing enable agents to handle those tough challenges efficiently

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In-App Troubleshooting

Getting an app to work in the wild can be challenging enough without having to deal with the complications of pairing it with a device. RevTwo provides powerful diagnostic tools that enable you to work with your customers and troubleshoot even their most challenging problems.

in-app troubleshooting problem


Require strong troubleshooting tools to speed resolution.

multi chat

Multi Chat

Multi Chat enables support staff to help multiple users simultaneously and give them each the care they deserve.

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in-app audio and screen share sessions

Interactive Sessions

Live calls with screen sharing connect you directly to the user's app so you can see what is going wrong.

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in-app troubleshooting


Integrated diagnostics enable agents to see app internals in real time.

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In-App Concierge Services

Concierge services enable retailers and other global brands to have trained personnel interact with their customers at point of purchase or need – all without leaving their app.

in-app concierge opportunity


Need to go to the people who are best able to capitalize on them.

smart question routing

Smart Routing

Leverage user identity and app context to connect opportunities with agents, brokers, stylists, or help desk specialists.

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in-app audio and screen sharing

Interactive Sessions

In-app chat, in-app calls, and interactive screen sharing provide a rich platform for customer interaction.

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live recommendations

Live Recommendations

Specialists can send live recommendations from help desk to app to enrich the shopping experience.

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In-App Community

There is no stronger force than an engaged app community. RevTwo provides a rich set of capabilities that enable you to nurture and utilize your app’s user base as a fundamental part of the user experience.

in-app community collaboration


Empowers your app’s users with a vibrant app community.

smart question routing

Smart Routing

User questions can be routed to experts or made available to subsets of the user population, like friends or classmates.

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user to user chat

User to User Chat

Built in chat lets your users chat with each other without sharing any identifying information, all from the confines of your app.

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user to user voice and screen share

Interactive Sessions

Users can interact with each other through app to app VoIP calls and screen sharing to provide a richer experience.

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